Why with us?

The activities of our Group consist of separate processes; however, people stand behind each of them. As we are creating green and secure energy ecosystem, we are always searching for professional and intelligent employees who love their job, and when found, they are always taken care of. We are also always searching for the methods, how to create the best possible work conditions.

The highest standards on working conditions

Ignitis Group received an international Top Employer 2023 Lithuania Certificate, which is awarded to companies for applying the highest HR management standards in attracting new talents and their onboarding, development programmes, skill development and leadership programmes, in the areas of remuneration and benefits as well as in people strategy.



Continuous development

Both in professional and personal sense. We engage external and internal experts of different areas to organise the training. Our employees are able to grow and to help training the others!



As our number exceeds 3800, it does not matter, how different we are – there will always be someone to share our ideas with.



Meaningful work

Your work will generate value for Lithuania and will contribute to energy transformation – are there many other places like this that you know?

Attention to your well-being

Yes, the field of energy is very challenging. The projects here cannot wait and their number is huge. However, we believe that the balance between work and personal life is really important, so, we are implementing the programmes and initiatives intended not only for the professional, but also for personal welfare: we have the Health Month, the book club, the psychological help line available to employees and their family members, we organise thematic meetings and lectures.





We are creating a sustainable future when we act as an organisation and as each individual employee – we have numerous methods and ideas, how to achieve this!

The approach of responsible business is also reflected in our daily activities and future plans. More information on our major focus areas is available at https://ignitisgrupe.lt/en/sustainability

Fair salary and various additional benefits

The financial remuneration in our Group consists of the fixed monthly element and a variable element paid for the achieved goals. More information is available at https://ignitisgrupe.lt/en/remuneration-0
Our employees may also choose one of the suggested additional benefits – a health insurance or a programme of supplementary pension saving.

We provide extra benefits or rest days for various life situations when any help is needed. We value our long-term employees and encourage them to rest more – we grant them additional days of annual paid leave.



Ignitis Group is an equal opportunity employer where all applicants for employment are considered without regard to race, religion, sex, gender identity and/or expression, sexual orientation, age, disability or other attributes unrelated to the performance of work duties.
You can read more about it here Equal Opportunity and Diversity Policy