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Procurements of the Group companies

Procurement procedures for goods, services or works for the companies belonging to Ignitis Group are performed by a Group company UAB “Ignitis grupės paslaugų centras” on behalf of the companies prior to concluding the procurement contract. In certain cases, procurements may be conducted by the Group companies themselves. All procurements are conducted in accordance with the effective policies of the Group.

When conducting procurements, we strive to strengthen sustainable cooperation with suppliers and promote lawful, professional and honest business practice, including environmental, social responsibility and business ethics objectives.

Procurements carried out by the Group companies:

  • Public procurements (classical and utility sector);
  • Procurements regulated by the resolutions of the Government of the Republic of Lithuania;
  • Commercial procurements. 

All procurements are conducted in accordance with the principles of transparency, equality, non-discrimination, proportionality, efficiency, ensuring of competition, sustainable development and social responsibility.

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Group procurement policies

Group procurement policies set out key principles of procurement planning, execution and control for Group companies. The Group companies comply with the provisions of these policies and, thus, ensure the implementation of the applicable laws of the Republic of Lithuania and the requirements of the European Union directives.

Public Procurement Policy

Commercial and Regulated Procurement policy

Group Supplier Code of Ethics

The Group is one of the largest buyers of various goods, services and works – companies owned by the Group carry out about 4,000 public and commercial procurements every year.

In order to contribute towards creating a more sustainable future for all of us, we are inviting all suppliers of the Group to comply with the provisions of the Supplier Code of Ethics.

Supplier Code of Ethics

Suppliers' Code of Ethics Monitoring Report 2022

Suppliers' Code of Ethics Monitoring Report 2023


Sustainability in suppliers’ operations 

Across the Group, we focus on our commitment to building an energy-smart world and a more sustainable future by continuously improving our operations and setting ourselves higher standards of sustainability than those set by the regulatory environment and we expect similar performance from our suppliers.

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Green public procurement criteria

Considering the regulatory changes in the European Union and nationally as well as sustainability goals in the Group’s strategy, we are trying to significantly increase the green procurement share in the Group and thus contribute to solving environmental issues in the Group’s supply chain.

More information about green procurement requirements

Social requirements in public procurements

Pursuant to EU and national legislation changes as well as the Group’s strategic sustainability targets, we aim to significantly increase the scope of socially responsible procurements in the Group and, thus, contribute to solving social issues (for example, implementation of principals of fair remuneration, ensuring occupational health and safety and dignity at the workplace, equal opportunities and non-discrimination on other grounds) as well as to have a positive impact on the public (including the Group’s supply chain).

More information about socially responsible procurement requirements

Execution of low value purchases

Low value public procurement is carried out in accordance with the rules approved by the Public Procurement Office . 

Low value procurement in the utility sector is carried out according to the following descriptions:

UAB „Ignitis grupės paslaugų centras“

AB „Ignitis gamyba“

UAB „Ignitis“

AB „Energijos skirstymo operatorius“

UAB Kauno kogeneracinė jėgainė

UAB Vilniaus kogeneracinė jėgainė

UAB Elektroninių mokėjimų agentūra

UAB „Gamybos optimizavimas“

Procurement announcement

Annual procurement plans for public procurement and the utilities sector are published in the Central Public Procurement Information System (CVP IS).

Information on public and utility sector procurements announced by "Ignitis grupė" companies is published in CVP IS on behalf of "Ignitis grupės paslaugų centras". The contract with the winning suppliers is concluded by "Ignitis grupė" companies, which have authorized the procurement procedures. 

Laws and regulations are not regulated, but according to the internal procedures of "Ignitis grupė" companies, publicly announced procurements are performed on "Mercell" platform.

Procurements regulated by the Resolution of the Government of the Republic of Lithuania (On the approval of the procurement rules for energy or fuel needed for the production of electricity and heat by enterprises operating in the energy sector) are published on the website of the Public Procurement Office, procurements regulated by the Resolution of the Government of the Republic of Lithuania (On the acquisition or approval of the description of the procedure for acquisition or lease of land, existing buildings or other immovable property) are published on the Group's website and in the media.

Sale and lease of property

Real estate lease transactions concluded by group companies available here
Information on other transactions of the group companies is available on their websites:

AB "Energijos skirstymo operatorius"

AB "Ignitis gamyba"

UAB "Transporto valdymas"