Learning and development


Get to know the "Ignitis group" learning and development ecosystem!

Continuous improvement is a value and a responsibility of every employee, which we help to nurture by having a complete development ecosystem within the Group. We create fast, easy, innovative employee development experiences that meet business needs. Competent colleagues who learn everywhere, all the time and fast are building the organisation of the future.  

Newcomer's experience

Dear newcomers, welcome aboard the "Ignitis group"!

During the adaptation period, we create a hybrid interactive newcomer experience. Colleagues who have joined the Group take part in office tours, are invited to the Newcomer's Week presentations on "Ignitis group" activities, and navigate through the virtual tools - Newcomer and Greentown - which help them get up to date with current information in the first three months.

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Raise a Newcomer  


Newcomer is an interactive game for new "Ignitis group" employees that helps them get to know the Group better during their first three months. Raising a plant called Newcomer requires a certain amount of knowledge. For example, on the first day you are invited to find out more about the working environment, on the first week - about the company and on the first month about the Group's activities. When knowledge is applied, the Newcomer grows up. 

Supply energy to Greentown  

The Greentown is a virtual three-month adaptation exercise for the newly-joined manager to light up the city of Greentown. It has as many as four energy facilities: a combined heat and power plant, a wind farm, a hydroelectric power plant and a solar power plant. That would be great, but they don't work. As soon as the new manager starts the work tasks of the first day, the first week, the first month and the third month, these facilities come online and start supplying electricity to the city's buildings. 

Employee growth

Curious, courageous, every day - these are the most important words to illustrate growth within the Group. Learning and development ecosystem allows colleagues to continuously expand their professional, personal, strategic and expert competences.

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#EnergySmart UNI  

Strategic competences are strengths that are common to the entire Group, which contribute to the Group's long-term strategy, contribute to the organisation's competitive advantage in the marketplace and are required to varying degrees by every employee, regardless of position. #EnergySmart UNI - is a "Ignitis group" strategic competence university, where together we develop the Group's 4 strategic competences - Entrepreneurship, Adaptability, Energy expertise, Sustainable innovation. 

GROW Academy  

At "Ignitis group", we foster the culture of a learning organisation. The best example of this is the GROW Academy, a hybrid learning platform that attracts over 2000 employees every year and is there because of the initiative of internal speakers. The ONLINE, LIVE and VIDEO training courses broaden employees' horizons not only on relevant work topics, but also focus on digital competences and personal growth. The GROW Academy offers over 30 interesting topics each year and regularly invites you to share your knowledge and become an internal lecturer. 

Well being club  


Emotional and physical health is the foundation for employee well-being. "Ignitis grupė" has many initiatives focused on employee well-being:

  • Health month
  • Mindfulness exercises  
  • Video bites on emotional well-being 
  • Wellbeing mentors activities 
  • Psychology line 

Developing expert competence



Colleagues in the group are experts in a wide range of fields. You might find a substation and overhead line engineer, a hydroelectric plant operator, a corporate account manager, a financial controller or a group innovation manager. To ensure the growth of important competences, we focus on:


  • Maintaining and upgrading the skills of energy experts
  • English language competence 
  • Growing digital competences 
  • Mentoring
  • Succession planning


We place great emphasis on the development of leadership within the organisation. Leadership in the Group creates a space for openness, inspires collaborative work, facilitates growth and empowers people to take responsibility.

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Leadership compass  

Leadership is a journey where the Group's colleagues are guided by a leadership compass. This is an index of four statements that describe the values-based leadership direction of an organisation:


  • Develop my team; 
  • Inspire partnerships based on each other's strengths; 
  • Build trust by encouraging openness; 
  • Empower to take responsibility. 

Leadership development experience is very important to us. The "Ignitis group" Leadership map includes 4 main leadership programmes:  

Growing leaders league  

It is a program for professionals with high potential for team leadership and performance. Focused on business continuity, shift management and workload distribution within the team. 

Strong leaders league  

One of the longest-running executive development programmes, consisting of 3 modules. Newly-joined or mid-career managers gain a unified understanding of leadership, delegation, cognitive behaviour, team dynamics and coaching leadership. 

The leaders' journey  


The Leaders' journey is a hybrid format leadership programme for all managers of the Group. The innovative, multi-format programme focuses on team-building conversations, challenging team dynamics, fostering responsibility and empowerment, and building strengths-based partnerships. 




A development package offering international leadership programmes for top-level managers. It encourages the learning of best practices from abroad and the application of this knowledge within the Group. 

Ignitis Group ensures equal opportunities. We welcome all applicants and do not discriminate against race, religion, gender, sexual orientation or gender identity, age, disability or other personal traits unrelated to work obligations.
You can read more about it here Equal Opportunity and Diversity Policy.