Try yourself in the energy field!

Every day we create 100% green and secure energy ecosystem – regardless of the area we work in. New tools, technologies and future decisions are our driving force. If you want to prove yourself in an area that engages you and learn about energy together, you are welcome to apply for an internship or traineeship at Ignitis Group.

Internship and traineeship programme is organised at Ignitis Group twice a year. It is very important to us that during the programme you are able to acquire as much practical knowledge as possible, grow not only as a person but also as a professional. We will invite you to a newcomers’ day, during which you will meet the professionals of various fields, learn about activities of the Group and participate in various internal training.We always welcome curious people who are looking to experience and learn about Ignitis Group’s culture!

Traineeship (duration: 6 months)
Traineeship is paid work oriented towards final-year students, those who completed the studies or who want to change their field. Our trainees have an opportunity to learn about Ignitis Group’s culture and the specific area of activities hands-on. Professional colleagues will share their accumulated experience and help understand the energy sector.
So, we invite you to join us and improve your skills, learn about the energy smart world and become its creator during the traineeship!

Internship (duration: 2–4 months)
An internship can be mandatory (set out in your study programme) as well as voluntary. Students who participate have an opportunity to try out the profession or area they are interested in and see if it “fits”. For many, this period helps determine which path to choose, and for everyone without exception – see how and who is creating an energy smart world up close!

June - August


June - August


February - April

I was always interested in energy, therefore, after seeing an offer for a traineeship at Ignitis Group, I did not hesitate. It was a great opportunity to see everything for myself, acquire and broaden my knowledge. During the traineeship I encountered problems and solving them helped me improve and grow. Trust and equal treatment by colleagues provided me an opportunity to test myself and perform the tasks individually.


I became interested in internship at Ignitis Group during the last semester of my studies. I was also encouraged by employees I met at KTU Career Day event in 2019. During the internship, I broadened the knowledge I acquired during my studies, I learned a lot about connecting solar powerplants, development of EV charging stations not just in Lithuania, but also in other European countries.


Ignitis Group ensures equal opportunities. We welcome all applicants and do not discriminate against race, religion, gender, sexual orientation or gender identity, age, disability or other personal traits unrelated to work obligations.
You can read more about it here Equal Opportunity and Diversity Policy