Support and social responsibility

In order to achieve the established strategic objectives, AB Ignitis grupė and individual companies belonging to it provide targeted support in the following areas of social responsibility:

Support for education

We support educational institutions and specialised foundations active in the field of education with the aim of enhancing the quality of study fields relevant to the Group’s strategic business lines, promoting the attractiveness of these study fields or professional career in the sphere of energy and promoting research activities in these study fields.
Support for education may be granted by: AB Ignitis grupė and any company within the Green Generation segment engaged in the production of energy from sustainable energy sources.

Support for communities

We grant support for social, education, arts, culture, science and sport (excluding extreme and high-risk sport) projects and activities of communities in the vicinity of activities carried out or developed by us, as well as other purposes (activities) of such communities that are beneficial to the public. Such projects should create, promote long-term cooperation between the community and Ignitis grupė and be related to its strategic objectives, activities, ongoing projects and programmes.

Support for communities may be granted by any company of the Group within the Green Generation segment engaged in the production of energy from sustainable energy sources.

Support for Ukraine

We provide support to victims of hostilities or armed attacks in Ukraine by transferring movable assets no longer used in activities of individual companies of Ignitis grupė for the restoration of Ukraine's energy infrastructure destroyed by such hostilities.
Support for Ukraine may be granted by AB Energijos skirstymo operatorius and AB Ignitis gamyba.

In order to regulate when and how companies of Ignitis grupė may provide gratuitous support the uniform principles have been formulated and set out in the AB „Ignitis grupė“ financial support and humanitarian aid policy.  The specific objectives, criteria and processes for granting support are defined in the Support Management Rules of individual companies.

Find out about the possibilities of receiving support for community projects based in the vicinity of our facilities, for educational programmes aimed at promoting energy, or measures for restoring the energy infrastructure of Ukraine.