Career path in the Group

Career is the result of our development and professional growth. We encourage the employees of Ignitis Group to take charge of their career and to employ the Group’s advantages for own benefit. We provide a choice of various fields and professions, focus to training of employees, culture of one-to-one conversations, we have managers supporting internal career, and we organise various initiatives in the Group.  

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This is a number of employees who made a career change within the Group in 2022
33 %

29 %

Such part of all candidates hired in 2022 were employees of the Group


The most popular fields in which the Group's employees changed positions in 2022 were engineering, IT, customer service

Learn about possible career paths

The employees who pursue their career may deepen their competences and become experts in their fields, to seek a leadership position or to move from one field to another. As the character of career depends on the objectives of a person, environmental conditions and other factors, the career path of each employee is individual. We will introduce you briefly to three possible career paths and their examples. 


Field expertise (vertical) – such career path is selected by employees who want to become experts in certain field. In order to become them, the employees are improving knowledge and competences, and they are able to use the accumulated experience in order to gain more responsibility and/or higher position – that of senior specialist or expert. 

What is important in pursuit of career as a field expert? 

  • Knowledge and competences in the selected field of work; 

  • Initiative, orientation to result, sociability; 

  • Openness to novelties, responsibility, desire to improve; 

  • Motivation and efforts to acquire new knowledge and to assume more responsibility; 

  • Ability to share knowledge and experience while raising beginning specialists. 

Eimantas Norvilas

Senior Operator of UAB „Vilniaus kogeneracinė jėgainė“, Eimantas Norvilas shares his story of a field expert

I have higher technical education and I had been working as a ship engineer for 10 years. When I got a job as an operator in Vilnius combined heat and power plant, I knew that I had enough knowledge and skills to move upwards. So, when I learnt about approaching selection of senior operators, I knew that I could be one of them – I had strong motivation, I tried to show what I could, and I was preparing for selection additionally: I read the necessary documentation, instructions and regulations. I was excellent in the selection – I solved the test well, performed practical and theoretical tasks, so, the managers noticed me – I was promoted to the post of senior operator.  

Team leadership (vertical) – this path is selected by employees who see themselves in the role of a leader-manager, who have or are prepared to develop the necessary skills and management competences. The career of a team leader often starts with the responsibility for a small team of specialists, while the gained experience allows assuming responsibility for bigger team, or even a team of managers.  

What is important for career of a team leader? 

  • Knowledge and competences in the selected field of work; 
  • Skills of work planning and management, strategical thinking; 
  • Leadership and orientation to result, team motivation skills and wish to improve competences related to team management and training; 
  • Initiative, responsibility, entrepreneurship, openness to changes. 

Head of IT Development Department of UAB „Ignitis grupės paslaugų centras“, Lina Adomonienė, shares her story as a team leader

I came to the position as project manager in the Department of Project Management in 2017 with a strong wish to test myself in work with various projects and to gain experience not from the side of the supplier, but of the purchaser. Then the position of the Head of IT Development Department was vacated and the colleagues encouraged me to take part in the selection. I had no such career plans, but I wanted to work with a permanent team, where I could test myself taking care of its “health” and pursuing common aims. Thus, after three years of supervising the IT development team, I became the head of IT Development Department, where new challenges were waiting for me. I believe that consistent and unanimous pursuit of goals, cooperation and effective communication between the team members, interested parties and customers will help us to endeavour at the aimed objectives.  

Strengthening competences in various fields (horizontal) – this career path is selected by employees who want to try a new field or trend of work and to acquire new skills, experience, knowledge, and who are open to changes. Such a career path helps to create a set of competences that can be later adjusted to various positions, while implementing different tasks, which can be useful if a career of an expert or a team leader is planned. Horizontal career is available to managers, supervisors of different teams and specialists, who want to try themselves in different positions.  

What is important for horizontal career? 

  • Initiative and desire to assume new responsibilities; 
  • Motivation and efforts to acquire new knowledge in management of particularity of different fields; 
  • Susceptibility to novelties, openness to changes, flexibility; 
  • Orientation to results, responsibility. 
Per savo karjerą Grupėje išbandžiau kelias skirtingas pozicijas. „Ignitis gamyboje“ atlikau praktiką ir supratau, kad man patinka toks darbas – vadovas pasiūlė mokytis vyresniojo budinčio elektromonterio pareigoms. Sėkmingai išlaikęs vidinį egzaminą buvau paaukštintas komandos viduje – tapau automatikos įrenginių inžinieriumi. Įgavęs daug naujų žinių iš savo komandos kolegų, nusprendžiau, kad noriu save išbandyti kitokioje rolėje ir sudalyvavau projektų inžinieriaus atrankoje įmonėje „Ignitis“. Džiugu, kad

Project Manager of UAB „Ignitis“, Martynas Vitkauskas shares his story of career pursued by strengthening competences in different fields

I have tried several positions in the Group throughout my career. I had an internship at “Ignitis gamyba” and I realised then that I liked such kind of work – my supervisor suggested me to study to get the position of senior electric fitter on duty. When I had passed successfully the internal exam, I became an engineer of automation equipment. When I learnt more from my team members, I decided that I want to try a different role and I took part in the selection of project engineer in company Ignitis. I was happy to succeed. Now I do not work in shifts in a team of project implementation, but I continue to search for the best and the most effective engineering solutions, I continue to gain my knowledge in the technical field and to apply it.  

Career benefits for employees in the Group:

  • the opportunity to make an independent decision about your career path, to pursue it purposefully, to try yourself and to better understand your opportunities and potential;
  • the opportunity to share your experience and knowledge in different positions and chance to learn, develop and gain new experience;
  • easier adaptation - knowledge of the Group's culture, values, familiar systems;
  • opportunity to get to know the organization from different positions and areas of activity.

We are different and so are our career paths 

The employees create their career path individually and in own speed. If they have any questions or doubts, they may always consult their supervisor (one-to-one conversations serve this purpose the best) and engage the colleagues in overcoming of the challenges. The most important thing in this journey is to learn about oneself, to have clear purpose, action plan, and to assess, how to adjust the possibilities provided by the organisation to achieve the career goal.  


  • Specialist (skilled workers, specialists) shall mean an employee, who does not hold a managing position, but whose work functions demand for specific knowledge or skills in certain field, or who applies special technical and practical knowledge and skills for manual work, who creates a material product, and who used tools and mechanisms for work. This category also covers junior specialists and trainees.
  • Senior specialist / expert shall mean an employee, who does not hold a managing position, but who is an expert of own field/functions, or whose work functions demand for bigger responsibility and adjustment of the possessed knowledge and competences for performance of more complex tasks.
  • Manager shall mean an employee, who holds a managing position and who has a directly subordinate team of specialists, whose work functions demand for specific knowledge or skills in the field.
  • Manager of managers shall mean an employee, who holds a managing position and who has a directly subordinate team of managers, to whom the strategic responsibilities are assigned.

Ignitis Group ensures equal opportunities. We welcome all applicants and do not discriminate against race, religion, gender, sexual orientation or gender identity, age, disability or other personal traits unrelated to work obligations. You can read more about it here  Equal Opportunity and Diversity Policy