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We are united by a common purpose to create a 100% green and secure energy ecosystem for current and future generations

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Values that unite, inspire, and
motivate us



Care. Do. For Earth.
Starting with myself.


Diverse. Strong.


See. Understand. Share.
Open to the world.


Curious. Bold.

Ignitis Group in numbers

1.6 mln customers

1.6 million customers – people and businesses that trust in us


4300+ community of new-generation energy people from various professions


32% of colleagues made internal career in 2023

Meet our people

We are crazy about technology, innovation and efficiency. We develop green and secure energy ecosystem every day and this unique activity is our biggest inspiration.


Learning and development

Continuous improvement is a value and a responsibility of every employee, which we help to nurture by having a complete development ecosystem within the Group.


Why with us?

On our mission to  create green and secure energy ecosystem, we are constantly looking for ways to create the best working conditions for each of our employees.


Candidate‘s journey

We are in constant pursuit of talented, smart and willing to learn employees, who could contribute to our common goal! Learn about Candidate`s journey.


"Ignitis Group engages all those who aspire to develop and create, giving them the opportunity not only to grow themselves, but also to educate others, to create ideas, to realise them, to fulfil themselves in untested roles, and to experience all of this in the energy sector, which is so important to each of our lives.

Tadas Head or procurement Planning, ESO

Everyday work makes you feel inspired and responsible for a strategic company that is important for Lithuania. "Ignitis Group motivates you to grow not only with professional knowledge, but also strengthens your personal development. I am happy to be part of the team and to contribute to Ignitis Group's goals as much as any of us.

Kristina Accounting Expert, Group Service Centre

I feel that what we do is very meaningful. This is a place where ideas can change our tomorrow. You think it is unreal? No! You can be a part of the team that is building solar energy plant on water. Every step we make is a step forward.

Gretė Innovaton expert

At Ignitis Group, I have the privilege of working with a professional and motivated team. Here, my growth in knowledge and skills is continuous, and I'm actively involved in implementing projects that are pivotal for innovating a more sustainable electricity sector. My experience in [specific project or aspect] has been particularly enriching and demonstrates our commitment to excellence and sustainability. If you're seeking not just a job, but an opportunity to contribute significantly towards a greener future alongside a fantastic team, I warmly invite you to join us




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