Our Story

On 17th of April, 1892, the lighting of the first electric lamp at Bogdan Oginskis’s manor in Rietavas ignited the era of electricity in Lithuania.

In the fall of 1937, the energy company “Elektra” was born.

Elektra marked the start of a new path in Lithuania’s energy development. The company’s top priority was to create value for Lithuania. In 1995 that ambition was revived with the reestablishment of the company Lietuvos Energija.

Another quarter century later, the global energy sector is undergoing a true revolution.

Today’s world is a lot more interesting than we could have imagined yesterday. Today, energy is so much more than anyone could have thought yesterday.

In order to ensure that energy is reliable, smart and convenient – today, we think of tomorrow.

As of the fall of 2019, all group companies are united under one brand – Ignitis. 

As Ignitis, we stand for a better world by growing power generation capabilities of green energy. We serve as a platform of energy-smart solutions for people and businesses. We open ourselves to innovation, competition and change.

Our purpose is to create a 100% green and secure energy ecosystem for current and future generations.