Candidate`s journey

Here you will find the main steps, which you will take to get employed in the Group. By knowing what awaits you, you will be able to prepare better and begin your journey as a candidate in our Group with more confidence.

*The present candidate journey is not applicable to candidates, which currently are not employees at companies within the Ignitis group.



1. Application

Are you interested in career opportunities within the Ignitis group? Great! Before applying for job openings, please get yourself familiar with the Company group and its values. This will help you in the selection process, as you will be able to understand better, what unites us and inspires us to work together. Once you find a suitable position listed in job openings, click ‘Send CV!’ and, hopefully, we will meet!

Useful information (Application)

You can find open positions in our Group on the most popular Lithuanian Job portals and in the section ‘job openings’.

Once you have picked a certain position, please read through the job description and requirements. If they match your expectations, competencies and experience, just click ‘Send CV!’ and submit your contact details and information about your experience (CV). Once the required fields are filled in, click ‘Send’.

Shortly you will receive an automatic email, confirming that your application was submitted successfully and in the nearest future you will be notified about further stages of the selection process.

2. CV review and first interview

We will be glad to receive your CV and, if your competencies and experience meet the requirements of the position, we will contact you. During the interview, we will get to know each other, discuss your experience and motivation for the position you have applied for, we will also tell you more about the work in the said position and discuss further steps.

Useful information (CV review and first interview)

During the first interview with the recruitment team you will discuss the following*:

- What encouraged you to apply for this position? What tasks/responsibilities would you expect in the new job?

- What are your main tasks and responsibilities in the current position? What are your strengths? In what areas would you like to improve? What are you lacking in your current job?

- What are your financial expectations?

Additionally, we will discuss the specific position, its tasks and will introduce you to the further selection process.

After the first interviews with the candidates, the hiring team decides, which candidates will be selected for the next stage of the selection process.

We will notify you, if, after assessing your experience (CV), this time you will not be selected for the next stage of the selection process. We will encourage you to follow the news on our Job openings page and not to hesitate to apply for the open positions!

*The topics are given only for guidance and may vary depending on the position applied for.

3. Interview and additional tasks

If your competencies and motivation meet the requirements for the position, we will invite you to the stage of interview and additional tasks. During this stage, you will meet the team leader, HR representative and, possibly, other members of the team. We may also ask you to complete a task or a personality test and to provide us the contact information of people who could recommend you.

Useful information (Interview and additional tasks)

During the employee search and selection process, the recruitment team decides, how many and what steps will be needed in order to evaluate the candidates. Below you will find the key steps, which may be applied in the employee selection process.

First interview with the candidate and the team leader is not only a great opportunity for the hiring team to get to know you, your values and strengths better, but also is a great opportunity for you to know more about the job, team, the team leader and challenges that await you. As needed, HR representative and other members of the team may also participate in the interview in order to provide additional information about a specific job. Before the interview with the team leader, we recommend to read the job ad thoroughly and to note any important questions you may have, so that you could ask about them during the interview.

What to expect during the meeting?

The hiring team will tell you more about the position, answer your questions and will expect to learn more about your experience, any challenges you have overcome, as well as your main achievements. Try to provide the required details, facts and arguments with your answer and, if the question is not clear to you, do not hesitate to ask for clarification. Finally, it will be interesting to hear your expectations for the new position, what is the best motivation to you, etc.

Final interview is an interview to which the selected candidates are invited after all previous interviews and tasks (if any). If you are invited to the final interview, we will try to answer any questions you may still have in relation to your candidacy and position.

Additional tasks:

Task – we may ask you to complete a task, which could help us to assess your competencies even better. After the task is completed, we usually ask the candidates to give a short presentation and provide the feedback.

Personality test – is an additional tool, allowing to get more information about you as a personality. We will send you a special link to complete the test and will agree a date for brief discussion of test results.

Verification of recommendations – depending on the position, we may ask you to provide us with contact details of your former colleagues so that we could enquire additionally about your mutual working experience.

4. Job offer

Once the stage of interviews and additional tasks is over, it is time to make the most important decision – to select the final candidate. If the final candidate is you, we will submit a job offer to you. If you accept the job offer, we will contact you and discuss the final stages of the selection process. 

Useful information (Job offer)

Once you have received a job offer, please read it carefully and, should any questions arise, please do not hesitate and contact the recruitment team.

If you accept the job offer, we will agree on the date of your first day of work and start the background check process.

5. Background check

At the companies of the Ignitis group, we follow the principles of transparency, impartiality and zero tolerance for corruption. Therefore, one of the requirements for candidates is good reputation. As a result, once you accept the job offer, we will start the background check process.

Useful information (Background check)

Publicly available personal data of the candidate applying for the job (including all information accessible online), related to the qualification, professional skills and qualities, may be collected during the background check process. For the background check we ask the candidate to submit the following personal data: personal identification number of the candidate and the address of the declared place of residence. The Company may only collect data from the former employer after having informed the Candidate thereof, and from the present employer – only with the consent of the Candidate. We note that only after receiving a positive verification report on good reputation, we will sign an employment contract with the Candidate.

6. Employment contract

Congratulations on reaching the final step! Now we only have to sign the employment contract and we will contact you shortly regarding this matter. Once this is done, we will wait impatiently for you to join our team.

Useful information (Employment contract)

For purposes of preparation of the employment contract, we will ask you to provide the necessary information. Should any questions arise before your first day of work, do not hesitate to contact the hiring team or your future manager.

7. Congratulations on reaching your goal and have a great start at the Ignitis group company!


Frequently asked questions

How do I know if my application to a job opening was accepted?

Once you have submitted your application for the specific position, you will receive an automatic email confirming that we have received your data and it takes a little bit of time for the recruitment team to assess your candidacy and compliance to the requirements.

How many job openings can be applied for simultaneously?

All candidates are able to apply for an unlimited number of job openings they are interested in. We recommend applying for those job openings, whose tasks and goals are the most interesting to you and whose requirements you meet the best.

Can I apply again, if I have already participated in the selection process for the Ignitis group companies in the past?

All interested persons can participate in the selection process of Ignitis group companies, regardless of whether they have participated in past selections by the Group, or not.

Will I be informed, if I am not selected for the applied job?

The recruitment team informs the candidates, which were not selected for a specific position and encourages them to show the interest in job openings at the Ignitis group companies in the future.

What if I cannot find a suitable position?

The companies within the Ignitis group constantly update the list of job openings, therefore, we highly recommend to follow the news on the Job openings page. Another method is the subscription for job openings, which can be done by clicking the ‘Notify me of jobs’ button on the Job openings page. This way, you will receive notifications of job openings based on your preferences directly to your email box.

How the salary range for the specific position group is determined for open positions?

The specific salary range of the fixed part of the salary of the position group is determined based on the Remuneration Policy of the company group, which is intended to attract and maintain competent, quick-learning, technologically advanced, globally-minded and creating employees. More information about the Remuneration policy can be found here.

Ignitis Group ensures equal opportunities. We welcome all applicants and do not discriminate against race, religion, gender, sexual orientation or gender identity, age, disability or other personal traits unrelated to work obligations.