By implementing the strategy of the Group, we aim to attract and retain competent, fast-learning, technologically advanced, globally thinking and innovating employees. The remuneration policy sets out the principles that shape the remuneration system.


Remuneration policy


Ignitis Group's remuneration policy aims to maintain employee motivation and respond to shareholders' expectations for sustainable, socially responsible development by creating a modern, globally competitive company. The policy takes into account economical, environmental and social aspects of the activity. The implementation of the policy is aimed at strengthening the synergies between financial and non-financial return objectives and supporting the Group's strategy to become a competitive energy company.

Remuneration policy

Remuneration reports


Details of Ignitis Group annual and quarterly remuneration reports are published in the Group's reports, which can be found by clicking on this link.

Performance objectives for variable remuneration

Short-term incentives 

Performance objectives applicable for the parent company’s CEO and members of the Management Board (and other managers according to the Remunaration policy) to support achievement of the Group’s annual targets.

Performance objectives for 2024
Performance objectives for 2023
Performance objectives for 2022
Performance objectives for 2021
Performance objectives for 2020
Performance objectives for 2019