Wind farms


Wind energy stands out from other types of renewable energy sources with its rapid technological advances. Generation using wind energy reduces air pollution and slows down climate change, helps ensuring energy security and reducing fossil fuel imports.

Wind energy sources are inexhaustible, and the expansion of the wind energy sector creates new jobs, promotes regional development and innovation.

Lithuania is implementing its National Energy Independence Strategy and has an ambitious goal to generate 100% of its electricity from renewable energy sources in the future. In pursuit of this goal, the role of wind energy will continue to grow – in the long term, more than 50% of electricity demand of Lithuania is expected to be generated by wind farms.


Onshore wind

The conditions are favourable for the development of wind energy in Lithuania. There are no natural barriers (such as mountains) that can block the wind. With the state-of-the-art technology, wind farms don’t have to be built solely in coastal areas.

Offshore wind plays a major role in the goals of increasing electricity generation in Lithuania set out in the National Energy Independence Strategy. Lithuania sees a great potential in offshore wind development in the Baltic Sea because electricity generation using offshore wind is more efficient and has greater potential compared to onshore wind.


Offshore wind

Ocean Winds (OW) is a strategic partner of Ignitis Group for offshore wind projects development and is a joint venture of EDP Renewables and Engie, leading energy companies in Europe, which manage 30 GW of renewable energy sources globally.

Ignitis Group and its partner plan to participate together in the offshore wind farm auctions to be held in 2023 in Lithuania.

If the partners will develop the planned offshore wind farm project in Lithuania with an estimated capacity of about 700 MW together, Ignitis Group’s stake will be 51% and OW’s stake will be 49%. According to experts, investments into such project may reach up to EUR 1.5 billion. It means that this strategic partnership may lead to the total foreign investments into offshore wind in Lithuania exceeding EUR 700 million.

„Ignitis renewables“

Ignitis Renewables manages renewable energy projects in the Baltics and Poland and is responsible for effective operation of wind farms, supervision of farms under construction and development of new ones. While developing new wind and solar generation projects, the company is implementing the strategic goal of Ignitis Group to increase Green Generation portfolio.

Operating wind farms

Managing company


Number of wind turbines

Top of FormCapacity (MWe)Bottom of Form


Pomerania Wind Farm sp. z o. o.

Sztum, Pomerania, Poland





Jurbarkas r.




Vėjo Gūsis, Liepynė

Kretinga r.




Vėjo Gūsis, Kreivėnai III

Tauragė r.





Mali and Tamba, Estonia




Vėjo Vatas

Tauragė r.




Wind farms under development

Managing company


Number of wind turbines

Top of Form

Capacity (MWe)

Bottom of Form



Ignitis Renewables

Silesia region, Poland




Nordex – wind turbine supply, installation and maintenance.

UAB “VVP investment”

Mažeikiai r.




Nordex Lithuania GmbH – laying foundations, wind turbine supply, installation and maintenance.

UAB “Kuršata” – road construction and reclamation.

UAB “Taem Projektų valdymas” – construction management and maintenance.

UAB “Elektromontuotojas” – reconstruction of AB “Litgrid” network to connect the wind farm.

UAB “Žilinskis ir CO” – installation of 30 kV network, 110 kV cable powerlines and 30/110 kV substation for the wind farm as well as reclamation works under the cable powerlines.

UAB “Greenerga” – wind farm design works.



Communities near wind farms

During the construction of wind farms, we meet, communicate with landowners, communities, municipal representatives and other stakeholders. We answer all the relevant questions in the meantime.

Ignitis Renewables is open to cooperation offers that would create a more sustainable world. Our mission is to create an energy smart world, so we care about the environment in which we operate.

Do you see opportunities for cooperation? Contact us at [email protected]

Ignitis Group has approved Group Community Engagement and Relations Management Guidelines according to which the Group companies involve communities in their activities and manage their relations as well as set out measures for implementation of these principles across the Group, which strengthen business culture and practice oriented towards responsibility and sustainable development.

Ignitis Renewables, together with other members of Lithuanian Wind Power Association (LVEA), have signed a commitment to local communities. This document aims to identify and detail the key principles which must be adhered to by LVEA members developing wind energy projects. You can find our commitment here (link).


Relevant material

How is energy generated from renewable energy sources and how does it contribute to the mitigation of climate change? We invite you to learn about wind energy’s benefits in the book “Tepučia vėjas” (in Lithuanian).