Solar energy


Solar power plants generate eco-friendly electricity, and more and more responsible and cost-conscious residents and companies around the world choose it instead of alternatives. 

By consuming the eco-friendly energy generated by solar power plants you contribute to a cleaner environment and lower electricity costs..


Remote solar parks

We are creating an energy smart world, where all consumers can become green electricity prosumers. The renewable energy platform is opening opportunities to generate electricity through remote solar parks. Any consumer can purchase or rent a solar power plant at a solar park, regardless of the type of their accommodation or location in Lithuania.

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Our solar power plant projects

In April 2020 we opened the first remote 1 MW solar power plant near Elektrėnai. The solar power plant was installed by Ignitis Gamyba and will be used by almost 300 households. Expected life cycle of a solar powerplant is 25 years.


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