Our culture unites us


We are a diverse team of energy smart people united by a common purpose to create a 100% green and secure energy ecosystem for current and future generations. Our culture is based on mentoring principles empowering to work in more meaningful and value-driven way. By joining our organization each and every one of us makes a commitment to future generations to work towards more sustainable world.

Take YOUR part in #EnergySmart! 

Values that unite, inspire, and motivate us


Care. Do. For Earth.

Starting with myself


Working in the energy sector requires commitment. We provide energy reliability and transformation for customers, partners and communities.  We stand for a better world.


Different. Strong. Together  


Our strength lies in our differences. We understand and take pride in it. We unite for the overall goal.


See. Understand. Share.
Open to the world

To be here and now. To discover and  understand the unknown. To share our accomplishments and lessons for a more open and better world.


Curious. Bold. Everyday 


Each day we seek to surpass ourselves. We change everyday with the help of our colleagues, partners and competitors. While reaching for new heights, we don‘t forget the lessons from our mistakes.

EnergySmart is a statement that defines our commitment to create a 100% green and secure energy ecosystem for current and future generations.

Take YOUR part in #EnergySmart!

Diversity, inclusion and wellbeing

We are different and, therefore, strong. We strive to create an employee-friendly environment, which brings everyone's best abilities forward.

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EAs the energy sector continues its rapid transformation, responsible business conduct is reflected in both our day-to-day operations and future plans.  


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Code of Ethics

The Code of Ethics is based on values of our organization and defines the principles and standards of business ethics followed by Ignitis Group companies and expected from our employees in their daily work.

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Game of Values

Our values unite, motivate and inspire us. Check if your values match with ours, play!






Let’s create a 100% green and secure energy ecosystem together