Lietuvos Energija, which develops the competences of artificial intelligence, starts cooperating with CodeAcademy

03 May 2019
Lietuvos Energija, one of the largest energy groups in the Baltic States, continues to seek to attract competencies of Big Data and Artificial Intelligence, which are increasingly important in the energy sector. For this reason, the Company signed a cooperation agreement with the Academy of Programming CodeAcademy.
In Lietuvos energija strategy LE 2030, we have set ourselves the goal of becoming one of the most innovative companies, which means that we will spend more and more time addressing business challenges using the technologies and competencies of Big Data and Artificial Intelligence. The traditional energy sector is experiencing the fourth industrial revolution. Therefore, in order to remain competitive and at the forefront of innovation, we need to attract competencies that will help develop new business models“, – says Darius Maikštėnas, the CEO of Lietuvos energija.
Under the signed cooperation agreement, CodeAcademy will give Lietuvos Energija the opportunity to attract its graduates, while Lietuvos energija, in turn, will be able to offer them work or traineeship opportunities. Furthermore, the agreement will open up opportunities for cooperation in the development of Lietuvos Energija employees. This way, advanced analytics, robotization, artificial intelligence and other competencies will be further developed in Lietuvos Energija Group.
“As part of the ITC sector, we can see how rapidly the demand for technological specialties is changing. But the market is not always able to react quickly and offer jobs to new professionals. As a result, students choose disciplines that are more standard. Therefore, we are pleased with the partnership with Lietuvos Energija and the potential to promote the disciplines of Artificial Intelligence and Big Data, and employment in Lithuania”, - says Andrius Lakštutis, the Market Manager of CodeAcademy.
Through cooperation, Lietuvos energija also aims to present to data programmers, analysts and other professionals the changes in the energy sector and to demonstrate how their competencies and new platforms are applied in the energy sector. During the studies, students will be able to solve real problems in the energy sector in consultation with the specialists of Lietuvos Energija or by participating in internal or external hackathons organized by Lietuvos Energija.
“We want to show with help of real examples that challenges of future energetics and data science are very closely linked, and in seeking to implement the LE 2030 strategy, Lietuvos energija appreciates this link: the company forms the foundation for new competencies and creates career prospects. We hope that in this way we will accelerate the development of smart energy solutions and will encourage the graduates of CodeAcademy to choose a career in Lietuvos Energija Group”, - says Paulius Šimkūnas, the Head of the Department of Big Data and Artificial Intelligence at Lietuvos Energija.
The agreement was signed as a part of the open partnership programme of the Innovation Centre of Lietuvos Energija, which aims to develop energy research together with research institutions and to promote the attraction of the necessary competencies.
During the first quarter of 2019, Lietuvos Energija established a team of 11 professionals that will address the challenges of advanced data analytics. Currently, the largest company of the group “Energijos Skirstymo Operatorius“ is looking for data analytics specialists. These competencies will also be needed in the commercial organisation that will be established after “Lietuvos Energijos Tiekimas“ and “Energijos Tiekimas“, where the Data and Analysis Department will be formed. It is planned that 25 to 30 professionals employed in the functional field of Big Data and Artificial Intelligence will deal this year with the group‘s challenges of data analytics.