Ignitis is the most sustainable energy brand in Lithuania

23 March 2021
Ignitis is the most sustainable energy brand in Lithuania
  • Ignitis was ranked first in energy category in an independent study of sustainable brands of the Nordic region.
  • Comparing to last year, Ignitis brand evaluation increased from 58% to 63%.

Respondents perceive Ignitis as a leader in energy brands category in Lithuania. This is supported by the results of Sustainable Brand Index™, a largest independent brand study conducted in Europe. Ignitis was ranked first in the aforementioned category and was ranked 15th in the general ranking.

Sustainable Brand Index™ studies how and for what reasons the public values various brands. The study reveals that the perception of respondents on Ignitis brand sustainability is improving. Comparing to last year, the evaluation index of Ignitis as a socially responsible brand caring for the environment improved from 58% to 63%.

“Ignitis is creating an energy smart world, and its core is based on commitments to sustainability – economic, social and environmental.   The results of Sustainable Brand Index™ shows that our every-day efforts to create a sustainable future and develop innovative solutions in order to facilitate peoples’ lives by making them energy smart is perceived and appreciated by the residents of Lithuania”, said Ieva Vozbutaitė-Beliauskė, Ignitis Group Chief Communications Officer.

Environmental, social responsibility and good corporate governance criteria are an integral part of the Ignitis Group’s strategy. In order to contribute to the mitigation of climate change, the Group is committed to reach ambitious CO2 management goals, develop large renewables capacities, increase the sustainability of own supply chain.

The goals related to ensuring health and safety, engagement of employees and equal rights are equally important to us.

Ignitis Group is also offering its clients innovative solutions contributing to creating a sustainable future and enabling sustainable life – the first nation-wide solar powerplant platform Ignitis Solar Parks, the largest EV fast charging network in Lithuania or energy efficiency solutions contributing to nature conservation.

About Sustainable Brand Index™:

Sustainable Brand Index™ study was conducted in several stages: from November 2020 until January of this year, also in February. The study is conducted across eight countries of Europe: Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland, the Netherlands, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. During the study, more than 60,000 respondents were surveyed, and in Lithuania every brand was evaluated by at least 800 selected respondents. The study surveyed persons from 16 to 75 years old.