Green Capacities

We focus to deliver 4–5 GW of installed green and flexible capacities by 2030

Ignitis Group’s Green Capacities strategic priorities include energy generation from hydro, wind, solar, biofuel and waste – consistent expansion of capacities, development of new projects in Lithuania as well as in neighbouring countries.

By diversifying the energy generation sources, the Group increases energy independence, encourages the use of renewable energy sources and contributes to mitigating climate impact while working towards sustainable development goals.

We plan to reach 2.4–2.6 GW of total installed capacities by 2027, and 4–5 GW by 2030.

More about Ignitis renewables

Wind farms

Generation using wind energy reduces air pollution and slows down climate change, helps ensuring energy security and reducing fossil fuel imports.



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Solar power plants

Solar power plants generate eco-friendly electricity, and more and more responsible and cost-conscious residents and companies around the world choose it instead of alternatives.


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Hydropower plants

Ignitis Gamyba manages and develops Kaunas HPP and Kruonis PSHP.





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Cogeneration power plants

Ignitis Group owns companies in Vilnius and Kaunas that operate state-of-the-art high-efficiency cogeneration power plants that use waste and biofuel.


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Invitation for market participants

Ignitis Group is inviting RES market participants to submit their proposals for the acquisition of operating projects and projects under development.

This is a non-binding appeal to market participants operating wind, solar or other projects of renewable energy sources.

We wish to acquire shares or property rights to power plants or wind farms that are already operational or are under development. Projects may be developed in the European Economic Area, with the focus on the Baltics, Poland and Scandinavian countries. Desirable minimum capacity of the project must be at least 10 MW in Lithuania and 20 MW in other countries.

Invitation for RES market participants

Email for consultations: [email protected]